At Orthopedic Stem Cell Solutions at the Spine and Pain Center, we carefully evaluate each patient by taking a detailed medical history and reviewing all of your previous therapies. We arrive at an accurate diagnosis in a timely fashion. We then develop a treatment plan for your specific needs using the most advanced Interventional Techniques and most effective Regenerative Orthopedic Therapies.

At Orthopedic Stem Cell Solutions we do not routinely prescribe narcotic medications, which can simply mask the pain. We believe in the responsible and judicious use of narcotic pain medicine. We design an individualized treatment plan for you, which targets and treats the cause of your pain at the source with a Minimally Invasive Procedure or Orthopedic Intervention to help you avoid major surgery. A great majority of our patients have already seen other Physicians and Surgeons without success. We specialize in the more difficult cases.

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